Kimberly O'Neil is an award-winning social innovator, educator, and strategist.

Social good activities impact multiple facets of society, from the most vulnerable to the corporate entities whose services, goods, and products influence local, regional and national communities. In her career, Kimberly’s work has generated activities that brought more than $20 million for community initiatives, initiated negotiations of a 245-acre mixed-use development in Maryland, and helped nonprofits raise funds in excess of $1 million. She can speak to various aspects of social good for your corporate conference, nonprofit management course, faculty professional development seminars, or government leadership teams.  

Key topic areas:

  • Social Innovation
  • Nonprofit Capacity Building and Management
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Empowerment
  • Public Policy
  • Innovating Classrooms

Signature Talks:

For businesses seeking to connect with citizens in a meaningful way, knowing how to create programs that benefit
the community can create challenges. Using her knowledge from city leadership and civic engagement, Kimberly
helps businesses think about how to authentically impact the regions surrounding them and create plans to
implement change.

No cause is too small for an advocate who is dedicated to making a difference. Discover how to put processes in
place that will help your nonprofit organization build long-term strategies for raising capital while also forging
connections with passionate like-minded leaders and growing an organization that will benefit your cause for years
to come.

In cities small and large, residents and business have similar goals: maximization of return in their investment in
homes and operations, respectively. Local leadership has an obligation to address their needs and plan for a strong
future. With her knowledge of the intersection where corporate and citizen interests intersect, Kimberly helps cities
plan for growth without losing sight of those they serve.

Successful education requires more than letter grades; acts of meaningful service and civic engagement can help students grow in
complementary ways to academic work. Kimberly helps educators, parents, and students understand how to identify
a cause and organization to work with and create a well-rounded experience that makes a lifelong servant leader.

The loudest voice and the deepest pockets shouldn’t dominate the conversation on how to create actionable change
that affects the lives of business, citizens, and civic leaders. Social innovation requires strategy and outreach to be
inclusive of all, and Kimberly’s perspective and experience has helped groups from start to finish on various


Speaking and Training Engagements:

  • Cause Studio “4-Year Anniversary and Bold Idea Graduation Celebration” (Host – January 2019) – Private
  • Francis Lewis High Schoo“Virtual Enterprise Program” (Speaker – January 2019) – Private
  • Collin College “The Cultural Impact of Black Panther on Hollywood and Community” (Host – February 2019) – Open to Public
  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas “Social Innovation Accelerator Alumni Conference” (March 2019) – Private
  • Dallas Startup Week “Women of Innovation Summit” (April 2019) – Open to Public
  •  NISOD “International Conference on Teaching and Leadership” (May 2019) – Open to Public
  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas “Social Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp” (June 2019) – Private