• Kimberly O’Neil is a powerhouse of nonprofit knowledge and a tough, but generous mentor. With her guidance and teaching over four years, Bold Idea established itself as a sustainable organization, raising over $313,000 in operating funds and serving 300+ North Texas students to date. Our capacity to mentor and educate young students in computer science, expand into new communities, and attract new resources has strengthened, and Bold Idea is well positioned for future growth. We are proud to be a Cause Studio Incubator graduate!

    Robyn Brown CEO + Co-Founder, Bold Idea
  • IRON has participated in Kimberly's nonprofit incubator, Cause Studio, for three years and has seen tremendous growth in that time period. It has been beneficial for my organization but I believe the lessons are learned are need for any organization (for profit as well). In our time with Kimberly and CauseStudio we saw measured growth in our business as a result of strengthening our brand by strengthening our value proposition, effectively telling our story and aligning our operations with our mission and vision.

    Adrian Killebrew, Jr. CEO + Founder, IRON
  • Alongside Kimberly, we have successfully grown and reached important milestones: we have managed to grow our fundraising efforts from $7,000 in 2017 to secure almost $90,000 by December 2018; we have built a brand new effective, high-level Board of Directors; we have prepared and practiced outstanding pitches that have made our nonprofit organization win awards and grants in the field of social innovation in North Texas, such as being fellows in the Social Innovation Accelerator of United Way of Dallas and in The Kernel Program of United Way of Tarrant County.

    Aidee Granados + Laura Mendivil CEO + Founder, Rosa es Rojo
  • Kimberly was introduced to me and it was the best introduction of my young nonprofit career. From the start she was inspiring, motivating and task driven. But be forewarned … Kimberly has a wealth of information to share and you might feel overwhelmed at first. Stick with it. Kimberly is patient, and understands the process. She knows that service is an exhausting business and will match your effort as you go and grow. What I most appreciate about Kimberly is her willingness to deep dive into my project. Every time we speak she is prepared (sometimes more than me) with ideas, tasks and next steps for achieving my goals. She’s an agitator, in the best sense. She stirs up your dreams and gets them going! The intentions Kimberly assigns are achievable and measurable. In the years we’ve worked together, my goals have manifested into actual events and workshops and the community is reaping the benefit of our services. We’ve grown from hosting quarterly meetups to a calendar of weekly offerings. She’s coached me through speaking engagements, curriculum creation, fundraising ideas and more. When you work with Kimberly your efforts will shift from passion into action. She is the reason I’m finally “doing the work.”

    Shari Hampton Founder, Served Up Sober
  • As an instructor, Kimberly is dynamic, ultra-genuine, and possesses the unique skill of explaining complex content in a succinct way. No matter the content, she always knew how to tackle the material in a way that was not only understandable, but outside the box! I particularly remember one day in class, my group was working on a strategic framework for a nonprofit organization that had an unusual infrastructure. Kimberly dedicated almost an entire class with left-field suggestions that not only helped our group to create an effective framework and deliver a stellar presentation; I later used her suggestions as a rubric to build out a sustainable development plan for the organization. I pitched the plan to the CEO and secured my first freelance fundraising position! Essentially, Kimberly helped me launch my career as a strategist and fundraising consultant. Under her mentorship, I have secured several freelance fundraising consulting positions, building my portfolio and expanding my skill set as a development professional.

    Tyeshia Wilson Fundraising and Strategy Consultant
  • Kim's recommendation for my organization was the one with staying power. After having her as a mentor in a social enterprise accelerator (the globally known Unreasonable Group's regional Labs project), I stayed focused in what she outlined for next steps and it paid off. When it comes to tough nonprofit missions that don't have time to wait for solutions you can provide, it's best to be strategic and kickoff your projects with efforts that will benefit them in the longterm. This is something Kim understands, knows from extensive experience and is not to be underestimated.

    Jillian McFarland, MPA Founder, The Great Seed Bomb
  • Since joining Cause Studio, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge about the nonprofit industry and how to effectively operate one. The organization has been instrumental to the development of Della’s House of Giving and has significantly contributed to our success during our startup phase. Every incubator training class has been well planned and meticulously taught by Kimberly and guest speakers to ensure students absorb, retain, and implement key nonprofit elements. Kimberly and the Cause Studio team are leading the path to success for startup nonprofit organizations in all of North Texas.

    Fatesta Bateman Former Cause Studio Incubator Fellow
  • Are you ready to change the world? Kimberly takes you to the edge of your comfort zone and masterfully empowers you to grow. Kimberly’s vision coupled with her passion propels Cause Studio into escape velocity where participants are awakened to multiply their impact. She possesses the uncanny ability to ask questions that get to the core of any issue. Operating out of love, Kimberly ensures your heart is handled tenderly and in the same breath she holds you to task guaranteeing your BS meter shows no activity.

    Melvin Hall Former Cause Studio Incubator Fellow
  • Kimberly was very astute and able to point out and make recommendations for areas beyond what our original scope of work was. A pleasure to work with, positive, well rounded experience and gave me more than what I had planned. I highly recommend her service.

    Paula Robinson CEO, Parker County Center of Hope, Inc.

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